About Us

About Us
In this page you’re going to know “About Us”. Who we are and what we do through this website. By the end of this page you’ll get to know About Us and about our website. So keep updated.
Hello Friends,
Myself “Swansi Anjali” , the founder and owner of “Law Interest” website. I am from “Ranchi, Jharkhand, India”, and a “Law Student”. I am studying in 5 years integrated course of BBA-LLB in Institute of Legal Studies, Ranchi University in Ranchi, Jharkhand but I am “Blogger” by passion
When I have started my Blogging Career:-
I own this website “Law Interest” on 4th October, 2021. I am fresher and new starter in this field but I promise you’ll not get any problem regarding our law based articles. If you find any problem related to our website please feel free to “Contact Us”. We’d love to hear from you, and definitely we’ll try to short out your problem.  
Our vision is to spreads legal awareness by educating people about their rights, duties and new laws and provisions. In some cases, we also organize street plays in the local languages and perform it, in a different area. We help people get in touch with lawyers who can file petitions or suits for them. Visiting jails and helping inmates apply for balls or deportation is also part of our programs.