What Is Law And Why Do We Need It

What is Law:-

Before how the law is interprets and its role in society we must clarify what we mean by ‘law’. What is ‘law’, how do we know it exists and how it is define?

‘Law’ rarely comes out in the news and tends to focus on the mythical game. It is an issue that affects our daily lives, it controls what we can and cannot do, it is use to resolve conflicts, punish and control. Expect laws there are controversial laws. Laws play an important role in society and social, political, and economic life.

“Law” is a set of rules designed to regulate conduct in the public and private sectors. Public or public institutions make and apply these rules. People have been making laws for thousands of years. There are many sections of the law, including criminal law, civil law, and so on.

As a profession, the law is fragment and flexible. Because there are so many different legal areas, there are hundreds of jobs to choose from. The legal system is vast, so there is room for all kinds of skills and knowledge.

Throughout history, the law has been use as a tool to change society. It was the laws that made slavery, segregation, and apartheid legal. Laws prevent people from being fire because of their marriage or disability. The concept of law to social change is complex because if the majority of the population disagrees with the law, it is likely that the law will not apply. Yet, having a law in books gives people more power than the law does not have at all.

Why do we need Law:-

The significance of the law is not understood unless there is a riot or civil unrest. People then realize that there are certain rules and regulations that need to be establish by society. Then society can run smooth.

We need Law in our daily life, due to following reasons:-

For a society to function smooth without problems, riots need to be organize. Some laws and regulations need to put in place to maintain social justice and equity. Historical, countless wars and wars have fought between human nations because of differences. They had their own beliefs, class, and creeds. Most of the wars would not have happened
In a century, we had two world wars, with many casualties and even losses.

The conclusion was that there would always be a difference and would not force anyone to follow our beliefs. We learned that we had to learn to tolerate each other. Now, we have a law in our community that tells us how to associate with the people in it. It accommodates people of different cultures, backgrounds, and races and tells them to live in harmony.

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  • We need law for knowledge / education:-

Education is one of the basic needs of people living at any given time. Children learn different subjects in schools. Later, they go to college and then to universities to pursue their own interests. It is not always easy to sail between these three stages. One educational institution preaches information in such a way that it incites violence and hatred in an organization, such as religion or society.

Thus, laws should be enacts to prevent such institutions from spreading public unrest. Children who study at these institutions are force to believe on those things which doesn’t make any sense. These children begin hate and violence against other groups and communities in society. Violence goes from verbal to physical and then to weapons. Civil unrest and violence escalate into a full-blown civil war.

This is the reason why we need to establish rules for the institution to respect certain principles that prevent these conflicts and conflicts in society.

  • We need law for our national development:-

To develop as a nation, a nation needs to make laws to make its community a better place to live. Those who elected by election, in obvious ways should remain in government. The nation also needs to make laws that will promote education in peace and harmony.

Through education, children will learn that it is common for people to have different cultural differences. Education will help children become more responsible, intelligent citizens. Apart from education, the nation must use laws to ensure that businesses do not violate health or moral principles while trying to make a profit. Strong actions should make to set an example for the people.

  • We need law for our business:-

Ethical and moral values should maintain in business. Business means making a profit for the company or product that makes the profits. But the company or brand must ensure that their business principles do not exceed the legal limit. This involves many problems if a company chooses to use cheap ingredients to make products that endanger the health of customers.

A business needs to have certain rules to prevent people from stealing from each other. In this digital age, we need to come up with stricter and unique laws to prevent people from committing fraud. As the world grows in a very different way so laws must made in the right way.

According to the digital business, many other laws are enacts to regulate social order. There should also be laws to punish such people to keep the market transparent and to serve other people who follow the rules and regulation.

  • We need law for politics and government:-

Democracy is the most common form of government in the world. People choose to vote for a particular person based on a person’s manifesto and previous record. Before the vote, various candidates are running for office. Each candidate runs his own campaign, introduces his own manifesto and promises to work for the betterment of the community. Although the cause is very good, some people take this race too serious and do their best to win the election.

There are others, who only promise to make things better for people while their real intentions are to make money and fill their pockets. The essence of the law in politics is that it makes policies against such people who shape other people and exploit them to win elections. The law also includes accountability to people who do not work for people but who choose to expand their bank accounts. After robbed of their money, they were once again fined and severe punished for their actions.

Government can improve the lives of its citizens. This can only happen if there are strict rules for everyone in government, no one is above the law. The rules and regulations are for compliance, regardless of whether the person is the president or a member of the assembly. The system of accountability is the same for everyone, regardless of their status, belief, or color.


A law is a set of rules and regulations used by public institutions to regulate. It shapes politics, economics and society in many ways and serves as a social relation between people.It controls the government, yet government should follow the rules of law.



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